I have been playing Lotro since the beginning, and before Lotro I engaged in other MMO games. During my time as a player I saw a lot of people asking what was the fastest way to get to the maximum level. I met such questions in Lotro as well, not necessarily directed to me. Then I started thinking, what would help one level as fast as possible?

I came up with these 7 tips to level fast in Lotro:

1. As you start your character, if your going to do some XP-ing, do some XP-ing. Don’t stand in one place admiring the landscape, you can do that later;

2. If you need to chat to someone or talk them through something, do it while hitting the mobs you need, or while on your horse travelling to quest locations;

3. Always have regen foods on you, they will considerably cut down your downtime between kills;

4. If you stumble upon a quest which is harder to do, or you cant find the location for it, don’t linger on it, move on as there are a lot of other quests out there to do;

5. Keep your gear level close to yours, the better gear you have on you the faster you dispose of quest mobs which means more XP for you;

6. If you find a spot with lots of mobs, don’t stay there killing them, you get a lot less XP by simply grinding than by doing quests;

7. Some of you, like me, like to stay in groups, well only stay in a group for hard quests, if a group helps you with a simple kill quest, like kill 12 mobs etc, you will loose XP, even though you might think it gets done faster.

So, there are a few handy tips to level fast in Lotro. As an experienced player I can safely say those tips would help even a less experienced player get a character to level 60 without any major problems, and in a pretty short amount of time. I do realize that what I wrote might not be something new or mind blowing but I’m sure everyone would appreciate them being written somewhere.