When I was in school, we had a disciplinarian for a headmaster. He was very organized and required the highest standards of behaviour, performance and decorum in every student. Some students who were very talented excelled in sports, academics and cultural activities. However this regimentation did not produce disciplined individuals in all of us because to be disciplined is a choice. It is a deliberate disposition.

I would like to share some insights on discipline and its importance

1. Discipline is better than talent, give me an individual of average talent who has self – control and is self – regulated and an uncommonly gifted person who has no self – discipline and I will turn the average one into a success. Success is a mindset that can be cultivated not a result of natural talent.

2. The word discipline comes from the root disciple. Disciples learn and listen to their teachers; you cannot be a disciple if you are not disciplined.

3. humble enough to sit at his feet and listen, they are opinionated, rude, disrespectful and expect rewards without regimentation

4. Discipline focuses on the benefits and not the work. The work becomes a vehicle through which an outcome is accomplished, with discipline acting as a catalyst for progress.

5. The undisciplined life is an insane life. I venture to say that it is a painful life. Regret is more painful than discipline. Try and suffer from discipline and self – control, you have been suffering anyway.

6. If a football player does not discipline himself to practice he will not earn a place in the team. Even if he earns a place in the team, it is his discipline to play well that will take to the higher echelons of his trade.

7. As a musician I’ve learnt that if you don’t use your voice or your musical ability you’ll lose it. Muscles atrophy as a result of not being used, so do talents and abilities.

8. Make discipline a close friend. Seek his advice and he will tell you to carry on when times are tough and the going is rough. He is your angel and he will guide you through a life were victory and achievement are predictable outcomes.

I urge to start disciplining yourself to do the things you need to do when you need to do them. There will come a time when you will be able to do those things without needing much encouragement and coercion because you have programmed your mind through doing. Find the areas that were on auto – pilot in your life, put a tight – rein on them and see your situation begin to change.