A decade or more ago is like ancient times when considering the history of shoulder tattoo designs. In past times a shoulder tattoo design was considered a masculine tattoo and generally only men would bear a design on the shoulder. The most common areas for a woman to be tattooed would be ankle ankles, belly or wrist, or maybe the lower back area where a tattoo would be referred to as a tramp stamp.

Even in today’s world a tattoo is commonly considered to be inappropriate in the business world, although the conceptions of tattooed men and women are socially changing and becoming much more acceptable. Women with shoulder tattoo designs are more apt to have the need to cover their art than a man which is completely ridiculous.

For men, particularly men with a muscular build, dark and large tattoos on the shoulder seem to be popular. Dragon and Tribal designs fit this description well and are very popular with guys. Also popular are Celtic and Zodiac designs depending on the person’s background and personality. Also shoulder tattoo designs for men usually are larger designs which cover the big area available to ink.

For women a small daintier tattoo is usually chosen, although larger designs with feminine characteristics are becoming much more attractive for females. Either way a woman will usually choose a design that is highly symbolic and more colorful than those of their male counterparts. Flowers are extremely popular and can be designed as a small petit tattoo or as a larger one. Fairies, butterflies and dolphins are also popular designs. Women will also decide to go unconventional and sport fantasy tattoos that often include angels, birds or even exotic pictures.

When exposed a shoulder tattoo is a tattoo that will be easily seen which gives the wearer the impression of being confident and bold, generally a fantastic way for women and men to express themselves. For this reason shoulder tattoo designs do have high sex appeal to both men and women.

Your options are enormous when considering shoulder tattoo designs which can become very confusing to one trying to determine the design they want to wear. In truth you need to do your research to determine the design best for you. You shouldn’t want a canned design or a piece of flash art that is common and not unique. Strongly consider joining an online gallery, they are available for an insignificantly small membership fee, and they offer so many unimaginable ideas, most of which you can combine into your own which should be your goal. Your tattoo will be with you for ever, so why settle for anything but what your actually envision? It just doesn’t make any sense!

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