The most common bedroom fun that brings on the dirty talk is good old-fashioned adult role playing. You know what I mean – it’s hard not to get into character when you’re supposed to be a French maid, a buxom nurse, or a wicked dominatrix. The words usually come as easily as your body slips into that costume.

But what if it’s a completely new situation and you’ve never engaged in role playing before? Boy, are you in for the sexy discovery of your lifetime!

Adult Role playing is exactly what it sounds like – you are playing a role. When you take that into the bedroom, it’s meant to appeal to a fetish of some kind, such as a man who loves the idea of Nurse Goodbody getting him off while she gives him that sponge bath, or the maid giving him a bit more than he bargained for when it comes to „cleaning house.“

When you’re in the character, it’s important that your language reflects it. For instance, if you’re dressed as a nurse, think about what a nurse might say about body parts and keep the scene as realistic as you can. If you’re going to be playing the part of the nurse or the doctor, get clinical about your terms!

If you’re the maid, perhaps pretending you really are French is a good start. Learn a few handy phrases in French, along the lines of „What would you like me to clean?“ or „What do you want me to do?“ will work. Put on a thick French accent when you do speak in a language your partner understands. No matter what, stay in character!

You can play anything at all. The prostitute („It’s another fifty if you want me to do that“), the dominatrix („Get down on your knees, NOW), or even the flight attendant („Just lay back, sir… „) can spice up the bedroom with both your dirty ideas and your dirty words.

Keep in mind what role you’re playing, dress the part, and finish it off by speaking the part, too!