Base ball is regarded as the favourite past time sport of Americans. It has huge following locally and internationally. Some of the best teams of baseball are located in Cuba; they are regarded as one of the toughest competitors of the game. Almost 2/3rd of the spring training occurs in Florida. Base ball spring training schedules are of two types and they are called as Grape fruit league and Cactus league. These names were named after the plants in the respective states. Most of these baseball spring training schedules happen in Florida and Arizona. In these matches, Florida team will be playing with other batch of Florida training players during the exhibition games. These matches are played regardless of the affiliations of these teams. These team players can play with colleges, intra squad games, minor league club baseball team clubs, and split squad games. Other forms of matches are present but they are not documented officially. In these games statistics are recorded but not officially documented or combined with the regular season statistics. If any accomplishments or record breaks during the baseball spring training schedules are considered as unofficial. These matches are considered to offer a platform for deserving candidates and they are often selected for entry level and roster spots on the club.

These matches occur before the regular season. Baseball spring training schedules attract huge crowds and much fan fare; these matches also gather tourist attraction from other states because of the presence of warmer climate. College students actively participate in baseball spring training schedule matches because it coincides with the spring break. Spring training lasts for about two months starting from mid February to the first week of April. After these matches regular season opens. Cactus league is held in Arizona in the following locations including:

v Tucson Electric Park’s of Arizona Diamondbacks in Tucson

v HoHoKam Park’s of Chicago Cubs in Mesa

v Tucson Electric Park of Chicago White Sox in Tucson

v Hi Corbett Field of Colorado Rockies in Tucson

v Surprise Stadium of Kansas City Royals in Surprise

v Anaheim of the Temple Diablo Stadium of Los Angeles Angels in Tempe

v Maryvale Baseball Park of Milwaukee Brewers in Phoenix

v Phoenix Municipal Stadium of Oakland Athletics in Phoenix

v Peoria Sports Complex of San Diego Padres in Peoria

v Scottsdale Stadium of San Francisco Giants in Scottsdale

v Peoria Sports Complex of Seattle Mariners in Peoria

v Surprise Stadium of Texas Rangers in Surprise

Baseball spring training schedules vary accordingly makes sure that you check them out. Although Florida and Arizona host major of these baseball spring training schedules events lately many states such as California etc have picked up.