There are a lot of car seats available in the market but the best car seats for toddlers should have a lot of features which ensure not only the comfort but also the safety of every child. The Evenflo Tribute 5 Deluxe Convertible Car Seat is one of the models that can meet these standards. This review will cover everything you need to know about the product.

General Description

The convertible car seat is designed to be used rear facing for infants with weights 5 pounds up to 35 pounds, and forward facing for children with weights 20 pounds up to 40 pounds. This makes it easier for a parent to invest in a single seat for his child from birth up to a maximum of 3 years old. The form of the seat is also designed to withstand extreme force, and also weathering and old age, so you can be sure that it can last a long time.


There are several features of the Tribute 5 that makes it qualified as one of the best car seats for toddlers. First, it has removable and washable pads that allow you to maintain its good appearance and keeps it looking good even after several months of use. The EPP energy absorbing foam liner of the seat makes it extremely comfortable and guaranteed safe and secure for your child’s complete protection. The multiple shoulder harness positions can be adjusted according to the size and comfort of the child. It makes the seat usable for a longer time because you can adjust it even as the child grows. The upfront harness adjust is an easy access adjustment control which you can use to easily tighten the harness with ease and in a very short time.


There are 8 colors of this model which you can choose from to get the perfect model that you and your child will definitely love. The Abby II has a brown frame with pink sides and floral pads. Broughton is a combination of three shades of gray. Chalk Board is a mix of checkered and plain black and gray. Cotton Candy is a blend of pink and light pink with purple swirls. Estes Park has a black frame, asphalt sides, and checkered asphalt padding. Kristy is a combination of dark and light purple colors. Lewiston has a navy blue frame and a checkered light blue padding. And Richmond has a dark brown frame with a checkered brown padding. The Kristy model has a very nice color that’s perfect for young girls, and it has a dark purple frame which can be very good for withstanding weathering and abuse, so your seat remains always beautiful and presentable.

Other Features

The seat sports a five-point harness which is preferred by car seat safety groups as well as other children’s safety advocates. The seat is also designed to meet and even surpass the car seat safety standards of federal laws. It can withstand up to twice the impact of federal crash test standards.


The Evenflo Tribute 5 Deluxe Convertible Car Seat is completely designed to meet the needs of every child as well as the expectations of every parent. It can really be one of the best car seats for toddlers, especially children of ages 1 to 3. If you’re planning to buy the perfect car seat for your sweet little angel, I highly recommend that you get this model.