The name you choose for your dog is both a reflection of him and you. While you can have all the „creative license“ in the world when naming a pet, picking that perfect and creative dog name – one that will be used thousands of times over your dog’s lifetime – can seem a little overwhelming if you have no idea what direction to go in.

For starters, folks usually search „Top Dog Names“ or „Popular Dog Names“ and come up with:

For the Boys:

Max, Jake, Buddy, Bailey, Sam, Rocky, Buster, Casey, Cody, Duke, Charlie, Jack, Harley, Rusty, Toby, Murphy, Shelby, Sparky, Barney and Winston

For the Girls:

Maggie, Mollie, Lady, Sadie, Lucy, Daisy, Ginger, Abby, Sasha, Sandy, Dakota, Katie, Annie, Chelsea, Princess, Missy, Sophie, Bo, Coco and Tasha

These are great names and would work no matter what kind of dog you have and no matter what your dog’s personality. However, chances are, there are already quite a few Sams, Maggies, Jakes and Daisies in your neighborhood. If you want to express both you and your dog’s uniqueness, more searching and brainstorming will have to come into play.

When brainstorming the perfect dog name, all you have to do is start thinking about your favorite „whatevers“ – your favorite cartoon characters, favorite car, favorite sports figure, favorite actor…you get the picture. Make a list of these favorites and pick your dog’s name from there.

You can also start to search specific names of royalty, angels, Greek gods and goddesses, famous cartoon dogs or famous dogs in film to find a cool name for your dog. If your dog is of German origin, search „German Royalty“ or „German Names“ to find a fitting handle for your new furry friend with roots in der Vaterland. Into angels? There’s probably an angelic name out there with a meaning that perfectly suits your new little fuzzy cherub.

The sky is the limit (for the most part) when picking a name. Since your dog will never have to apply for a job at IBM, run for president or be the head cheerleader, something a little different and quirky is totally fine. You just want to be sure the name you choose for your dog is something you, him and the whole family can live with – and hear over and over and over – in the years to come.