Everything in this world, even the world itself will certainly come to its end. When and how it is going to happen is a big question mark that many groups and individuals attempt to answer by giving their end of the world predictions. In fact, the earth’s final day has actually been envisaged as early as 634 BCE by the ancient Romans. From then on, various predictions have been given, most of them failed while some are still awaiting their times to unfold. Below are some of them.

1st Century By The Early Christians

Christians during the first century had expectations of Jesus‘ return after a generation when He died. Even St. Paul the Apostle was believed to be one of these people.

Between 375-400 By St. Martin Of Tours

He stated that the world will be ending prior to the coming of year 400.

1033 By Various Christians

Many Christians during this time have all anticipated that Christ will once again come on His 1000th resurrection anniversary.

1284 By Pope Innocent III

The pope himself has his own predictions of the world’s end after 666 years of the Islam religion’s rising.

1346-1351 By Many Europeans

When the black plague has spread and affected most inhabitants of Europe, they thought that it was a sign, a beginning of the world’s doomsday.

1600 By Martin Luther

He foretold that the year 1600 will not pass and the world will see its end.

1697 By Cotton Mather

He was a Puritan minister whose prediction was that the world will end on that year. What was interesting about this man was that after his 1697 prediction flopped, he once again released predictions about the world’s final day twice (in 1716 and 1736).

December 25, 1814 By Joanna Southcott

She was a 64-year old woman who described herself as a prophet. She said that she was carrying within her womb the son of Christ. She proclaimed that the child will be born on Christmas day. This woman died on the day she had predicted and based on the result of her autopsy, it was found that she was not carrying a child.

February 13.1925 By Margaret Rowen

This Seventh Day Adventists woman claimed that she saw Angel Gabriel in her dreams where he told her that the world will end on the midnight of this foretold date.

February 4, 1962 By Jeane Dixon

This psychic foreseen that the world will be destructed when the planets will align themselves with one another.

January 1, 2000 By Various People

Many people believed that the computer virus Y2k will be the cause of numerous computer crashes. Since many systems at this time around the world has been automated by computers, the said malfunction brought about by Y2k was said to create major catastrophes resulting to mankind’s end.

June30, 2012 By José Luis de Jesús

His prediction involved the failure of many governments and economies around the world. At such time, he along with his followers will be able to fly and also walk through walls.

On December 21, 2012 By Many Individuals

Many people and groups described different scenarios of the earth’s doom such as galactic alignment, nuclear war, giant supernova and more. However, expert geologists and NASA scientists have all confirmed that these scenarios are unlikely to happen.

10100 Years By Various Scientists

The heat of the universe will cease and thus instigate the universe’s end because life and motion will not anymore be sustained due to the absence of thermodynamics.