The San Diego Chargers were one of the original American Football League teams in 1960 and then were included with the rest of the AFL teams in the AFL-NFL merger that united the two leagues in 1970. Over the years, the Chargers have had a number of great years and played in a number of great games. Here is a look at five fun facts about the San Diego Chargers.

1. The first touchdown pass of Philip Rivers career went to wide receiver Malcolm Floyd and came in a 24-17 January 2nd win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

2. The Chargers introduced their team Hall of Fame in 1976. Four players were inducted that first season, they were linebackers Frank Buncom, Emil Karas, and Bob Laraba, as well as running back Jacque MacKinnon.

3. San Diego made it all the way to Super Bowl XXIX, only to lose it by the score of 49-26 to the San Francisco 49ers. Because of this the team’s general manager, Bobby Beathard, became the first GM to take three teams to Super Bowls (he also took the Redskins and Dolphins there earlier in his career).

4. No Chargers player has gone to more Pro Bowls than linebacker Junior Seau. Seau went to 12 Pro Bowls during his time with the team, including every year from 1991 to 2002.

5. Seven of the top eight rushing seasons in Chargers history were accomplished by LaDainian Tomlinson. The only other running back to make the list was Natrone Means who holds the 6th position.

The San Diego Chargers have been involved in a number of important games during their time in the NFL. There is no reason to think that they will not continue to be an important part of professional football.