Games have always been a source of pure entertainment to the people and by the mid of nineteenth century games have been spotted by the marketers as major events. Any gaming event brings people from different demographics to one place where one reason of entertainment is elicited. The game. Softball is included among those games which have been able to call forth more people. Softball by nature is a predecessor of base ball. The game is playing with two teams on a grass ground of inner and outer field with four bases. The bases are located in the square with each base around 50-60 feet apart. The batting or hitting team makes scores by touching the bases in secession. The ball used in the game is made or either synthetic or leather and that’s where marketing come into play.

Marketers are always intrigued to the events where spotting of people or segmentation is vivid. Game events fulfill this requirement. A myriad of people from various mind sets and demographics are gathered for one reason which is watching the game. The excitement brewed in the game results into the emotional attachment of its viewers with the team. Loyalty of the fans with the team is reflected in the merchandise selling. People like to impersonate their favorite players and therefore wear and use the same brands as their celebrities are using. It brings opportunities for the marketers in the merchandise arena.

Softball matches when considered as an event bring out great opportunity for the marketers to position their products banners, remarkably play the lead role as being the main media vehicle per se. The banners have to be creative with high relevancy to the team. For example, wind feather banners give the feel of air around the sporting arena. The basic idea for the wind feather banners is an inspiration of the Red Indian style of living. Feathers, which are some what part of Red Indian’s persona imprints the same attitude of working together for the goal achievement, team spirit and the feeling of being on a mission. Fans however are affected in the same way and quite often, the influence is even more intense. They are elongated banners which are usually used with four to five in numbers at the house of the team they are customized for. softball banners have to be distinguishing enough to bring forth the visual difference of the team.

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