While music is an artist’s commerce, promotion and publicity are necessary to get as many people as possible aware of you music. Since you can’t physically go introduce yourself or your band to every radio station, music magazine or club, it’s important to have a professional press kit. It gives a first impression so take the time to create the best press kit you can.

The first thing in a press kit is a biography. You don’t need to start at birth or wax poetic about your childhood. This kind of biography focuses on your musical life – the type of music you perform, whether or not you write music, where you studied music, venues you have played. If you have a web site, make sure to give the site address.

The next thing you need is a professional quality photograph. Do not include a snap shot or a picture taken by a friend in your backyard. Check around and get prices from photographers who specialize in headshots. You should be able to get a good photograph for under $100. The picture is more than just showing people what you look like. It should also be reflective of who you are as an artist. If you have any good reviews or if there have been any articles written about you, make copies and include them in your kit. But don’t include anything that is too old. You want the material to be current.

The centerpiece of a press kit is your music. If you have a website with videos, you can use that if need be but the best way is to include a demo CD with the press kit. You want the demo to be professional quality so your music is presented with good, crisp sound quality.

Decide whether or not you want it printed out and snail mailed, or if you want to send the press kit via the internet. If you go for the printed copy, jazz it up by using subtly colored stationary and making a label for the CD. You want it to be eye-catching without going overboard.