Many of us believe in faith. It can be faith in religion, faith in humanity, or faith in our own abilities. Many of us practise our faith every day in one way or another. I personally have faith in the positive power of practising what I want to attract to myself in greater quantity.

This can simply be called ‚practising what I preach‘ or ‚walking the talk‘. I am a total advocate in the belief that I will receive what I give. If I am happy & smiling towards others I will receive happiness & smiling in return. I also believe that I will receive at a greater rate than I give. I believe this works for every positive aspect of my like.

So to attract more love in my life, I have faith that by feeling love towards others every day, I will receive more love in my life every day. I use this faith system for good health, total happiness, abundant wealth, & love in my life everyday. I believe I must set the example each day of what I want to attract more of in my life.

Now this use of faith is not my idea. It is not something that I have developed or invented. It is simply my personal application of having faith in religion, faith in the law of attraction, faith in my own ability to influence my own future. I am a strong believer that faith is not a passive thing but a living thing. You cannot just sit back & expect good things to come to you if you are not being good yourself every day.

The only thing that keeps me doing this every single day of my life for the past eighteen months or so is faith. My own personal faith that by ‚giving to others what I want, I will receive more of what I want in return & in a greater ratio‘. I believe there is some proof to this. Here is a simple test you can do for yourself: be curt & scowling to everyone you meet for a day & see if you do not attract more of this same response from people you meet. Then on another day, be happy & smiling to everyone you meet throughout the day & see if you do not attract more of this same response from people.

There is another form of proof I believe exists. It is called tithing. Many people believe in the principle of ‚having to give before you can receive‘. Many wealthy people have used this principle as part of their wealth creating strategies. In reading these last sentences most of you have related the word ‚wealth‘ to money. But being wealthy means different things to different people. Being wealthy can mean being free, or being loved, or being healthy & happy. I believe the principle applies to all of these examples.

So if you have been trying to improve your life without success, try having faith. Have faith that you can influence your future, that you can influence how other people treat you, that you can make a difference to your own life by being a better person to everyone you meet everyday. Try it!