If the CA (Composite Acoustics) Guitars Model 7L-E were an auto, then it would be a luxury sport utilitiy vehicle (SUV): strong, with the ability to go anywhere, and go there with class and distinction.

Formerly known as the Composite Acoustics Legacy Player, the CA Guitars Model 7L-E lacks a cut away, as well as holes cut for an electronic pick up system (the volume control knob and tone control knob are accessible through the top of the sound hole). Add to all this the power of carbon fiber guitar construction, and you have got one of the most powerful and bassiest dreadnoughts around the block.

It has got a deep, thundering punchy low end that seems a bit overwhelming when you first pick up this guitar, but you will soon find that the volume of the guitar is relatively easy to control, and that by lightening up on your picking hand, you can shift between a deep mellow bass (without any punchy-ness) and a bright, booming bass.

The middle section is also deep and rich, and you may find that to emphasize these, you will need to ease up on the bass or else they will get overshadowed. The higher tone ranges come through crisp and clear, and the 7L-E could easily be used for lead playing. What I liked best about the 7L-E [http://www.macnichol.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=MGAM&Product_Code=7L-E&Category_Code=CA_Guitars], though, is it’s response to crosspicking – clear, crisp notes that roll out neatly. Features include a hardshell case, along with Gotoh 381 tuners and Fishman Ellipse VT Electronics.