Are you passionate for shining gold jewelries? If you think you really want to posses jewelries made from gold, then you should buy Gold and Gold Plated Belly Rings to satisfy your passion of gold.

Passion for wearing gold and gold plated jewelries is ardent desire of human kind since ages. If you go back to history, you will find Pharaohs in Egyptian civilization were crazy about gold ornaments. They were also in habit of piercing different body parts to wear gold ornaments and even wanted to bury gold jewelries, along with their mummies. Similarly, royalties and nobles in numerous royal courtyards were in habit of sporting golden jewelries to show their elevated status symbol, richness, wealth and power.

Throughout the ages, gold jewelries were prized possession of women throughout the world. They not only tried to look beautiful by wearing gold ornaments but also tried to attract the attention of opposite sex by adorning their body with gold jewelries. Their costumes were never complete without these precious ornaments.

In modern time also, same trend of piercing and wearing body jewelries is prevalent and only difference is, in old days royalties were able to sport them, but today everybody is proud owner of these precious jewelries irrespective of cost. All fashion loving boys and girls get their lips, eyebrow, ears, nose, tongue, nipple, navel and belly pierced for wearing body piercing jewelries to flow with the latest fashion trend.

Among all body piercing jewelries, Belly Rings has been most popular among fashion and style trendy boys and girls due to its extensive use among celebrities, models, sports man and film stars. The trend of wearing navel rings on open navel body part or midriff started during 90s, when models walked on the ramp wearing them. The onlookers were so enthralled and captive with the beauty of these body piercing rings, they also started following the same trend and style.

Navel Rings are available in different designs, types, styles and varieties, and made from different materials such as, Solid Gold, Gold Plated, Acrylic UV, SG Steel, Titanium Anodized, Bio Flex and PTFE. These Belly Button Rings are also studded with gems, jewel and pearls to give them lustrous look. Among all such Rings, Gold and Gold plated navel piercing ring has caught the fancy of all fashion loving people due to its characteristic of sparkling and shimmering gold, studded with gems and jewels, which tenders gorgeous and enchanting look to wearer.

Today a buyer has the option of buying numerous varieties, such as Gold Plated – Navel Ring, Gem Paved Angel Dangle Ring, Fancy belly Ring with Gorgeous Pendant, Crescent Moon & Star Dangle Navel Ring, Gold Plated – Fancy Navel Pear Shape Dangle, Chandelier Navel Ring, Butterflies & Chain Jeweled Dangle Navel Ring, Vintage Dangle Navel piercing ring and so on.

If buyer has the fancy of Solid gold Rings, then they have the choice of 14KT Yellow Gold Navel Ring Dangle, 14K Solid Yellow Gold Fancy Navel Ring with Three Dangles, 14KT Yellow Gold Navel Ring studded with Round Gem, 14Kt. Gold Navel Butterfly/Dangle Ring and so on.

The choice for the buyer is unlimited and online sites have all these Belly Rings to satisfy the ardent desire and passion of the buyer.