Is surviving 2012 a part of your agenda? According to the many scientists and other various groups, the prophecies that are predicting the end of the world as we know it are very real. Doomsday predictions are as old as time itself but there are some undeniable facts that need to be taken seriously if any of us have any hope of surviving 2012. Several groups seem to agree that December 21, 2012 is the day that our world will end, the Mayans were the first to choose this particular date. Considered to be an extremely intelligent race, their calendar predicts this date to be the Doomsday we have all been dreading.

No one is really sure what will happen, some say that the mountains will rise, that the seas will swallow the entire land surface of the earth or that there will be a sort of volcanic eruption that will be so huge that the sun could be blocked out causing the earth to freeze for thousands of years. Some Scientists believe that the polar shifts that are occurring will cause a chain reaction that will lead to the desolation of our planet in a matter of days. Other groups think that it could be caused by human acts such as war, or that it may be an act of God and that it is time for the world to end. Still others believe that it is just a hoax with little merit at all to all these predictions.

Whatever Doomsday philosophy you subscribe to, the bottom line is, we must all try to find a way to survive the disaster. There is a company in Europe that is manufacturing non sinkable boats designed for surviving 2012. They believe that the world will be flooded and we will all need to be on a boat to live through the flood. Boats that are too large will not be any use as they will not be able to be controlled due to lack of fuel and they will break apart and sink. These smaller, unsinkable boats seem to be the right choice. Scientists suggest that these small boats will be used to hold food, supplies and to preserve the records of our civilization as well as saving the citizens of the world.

Another theory is to head for the mountains. Moving to the mountains before the Doomsday catastrophe is supposed to take place is what some people see as a chance for their salvation. This can be a little tricky though, first you would have to be able to figure out the continent shifts that have been predicted will affect the mountain you have chosen as your retreat. Many feel some mountains will sink and some will rise so there is a very realistic chance of your mountain sinking into the ocean. It seems that it may be quite difficult to figure out an exact plan that will be effective during the cataclysm of December 21, 2012. It makes one wonder if there will be any human beings surviving 2012, but it makes sense to seek out information and be as prepared as possible.