As a practice building consultant for holistic health professionals around the world, I’ve seen the entire gamut of names that people come up with for their practices. What I’ve decided is this:

You should name your massage therapy business something other than your own name, something that isn’t too ‚out there‘ and something that either evokes a very vivid and peaceful image or that describes your geographic location.

This is the ideal combination of factors to get the most leverage out of your name. Why do I say this?

Because if the name of your practice is John Smith, LMT, people will immediately perceive you as a ‚one person show‘ who likely works out of your basement. It doesn’t appear as professional or credible as does a real business name. You want to convey a perception of being BIG in your business; you should be seen as a substantial and successful business that is beyond just you.

Your massage business name should also not be too ethereal, especially if your goal is to attract normal working class people who are stressed out. A name like ‚Touched By Angels‘ massage is going to turn off a lot of prospects. It’s just too on the fringes to make a lot of normal people feel comfortable.

So, what it comes down to is having a name that is inspiring but acceptable to the masses. Examples of this would be Denver Massage Therapy or Massage Therapy of Denver (describes the city you live in which gives people immediate clarity about your location. This is a reliable approach that works well. If this sounds too bland for you, my next suggestion would be a name that conveys authenticity and warmth but isn’t over the top.

Something like Tranquil Touch Massage works well, or perhaps better yet, Tranquil Touch of Denver. That gets your location in there as well.

I hope this helps you think of the ideal name for your massage business.