I love baseball. With all of the attention that football gets during this time of the year, it’s very easy to forget about the fact that baseball is in the midst of entering its most exciting time of the year. Even in the regular season, some exciting things have been taking place. Look at everything going on between the Twins and Tigers, for example. How’s that for some drama down the stretch? Anyway, the playoffs are coming up and with some prime time coverage, baseball is sure to enter the spotlight shortly. Still, it should be a very exciting few weeks of baseball and I’d like to make my predictions as far as the American League World Series team goes. Let’s see who has a good shot and who I think ends up making it through.

In the American League, well, what can I say. I know that everyone loves to hate them (unless they’re a fan), but I really have to hand it to the Yankees this year. I think they have the talent, the chemistry, and the confidence to finally make it through. Boston is always a threat and you never know with the Angels, who are playing some inspired baseball in the face of Nick Adenhart’s tragic death. I still think the Yankees will make it through though.

The key to this team’s success will be the starting pitching. Can Sabathia and Burnett anchor the team effectively? Will Andy Pettitte play a role? All of these are keys to a Yankees World Series appearance.