Our intellectual capacity certainly helps us in our day to day living. We use our brains as great interfaces between the physical and the non-physical aspects of our lives. This necessary part of our existence helps us understand the physical nature of things but it can only go so far when interpreting the voice of spirit. Your spiritual growth comes from your heart.

It is your heart space that carries the message of your soul. The truth does not exist in your mind except when it functions as a conduit for the feelings and truths it retrieves from your heart.

Once again you are at total choice in all matters. You are free to choose to use the mind as your source of truth or you can tap into your heart space to reveal life’s ultimate truths and stay connected to the spirit part of your three-part being.

Who you are being at any given moment gives rise to what your body ends up doing. Doingness is a function of the body. Beingness is a function of the mind and the spirit. The spirit is always being the truth. Did you hear that? The spirit is always being the truth.

The truth to the spirit is the knowledge of who you really are, a spirit child of God with all of the same properties and abilities as God. That is the ultimate truth, the original blueprint, of who you really are. The spirit knows this at all times and never wavers. The spirit is always at the ready to remind (re-mind) you of the ultimate truth of who you are.

You can be reminded through the thoughts in your head, the feelings you have, your intuitions about things, your déjà vu experiences, by the words of a song you hear on the radio, by reading a nine-month-old article in a magazine, a chance conversation overheard at a social event, the next movie you see, or any other experience or feeling that you encounter as you go through the eternal moment of now.

The eternal moment of now always contains the truth. If you choose to „be“ fully present in the present moment you open yourself up to the truth of who you really are. Once again, it is your choice whether you choose to „be“ that truth or to choose something other than that.

All experiences of the body are brought forth from the choices we make about being what the mind desires, or being what the spirit desires. Beingness is expressed through the mind and the soul. You get to choose which state of beingness you are going to „be“ in any given moment.

If you have chosen to live your life more consciously and are fully present in this moment of now, you will be able to see the truth of the moment. You will be able to determine who you are being in any given moment.

If you are not living consciously you are still „being“ something and the state of being that you are experiencing was still a choice. It may have been made unconsciously but it was still a choice. When you are living unconsciously, many of the choices you make are made automatically by the ability of the mind to reference past experiences, or future anticipated experiences, and use these memories or forecasts to determine the beingness we assume to deal with whatever is occurring in the present moment.

Typically, if you are not living consciously, you will refer to your past experiences to help you „react“ to whatever is happening in the present moment. These „reactions“ don’t require us to be creative when we encounter a life experience.

Actually we are still creating as we „re-act“ to any given situation, but it is not an original creation such as those that happen when we are fully present in the eternal moment of now. We merely hark back to what we have done before and plug in the same response to a similar situation and create that again.

We are creating this reaction by using a similar action from a previous experience as a template. We have forgotten that we have free will to choose and create anything we desire in order to fulfill our intentions. This type of decision-making comes from the mind and is ego-based.

The ego plays an important function in the life process by being our number one defense system in protecting us in this physical relative universe. This has served us well in keeping us from danger as we encounter life situations but it is not effective as a means of creating ourselves anew in each and every present moment of now.